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Steal your happiness like an artist, by Karen Little

This Ratcoon illustration by Karen Little of Sketch-Views shows a thief looking for happiness

The book, "Steal Like an Artist" by Austin Kleon is, in my opinion, the ultimate guide on success and happiness.

Austin writes that the key to learning and creating anything is based on closely observing what you like. While it might be possible to create something totally unique out of thin air, it is so highly unlikely that I cannot produce an example. Instead, the great works in any field are based on the great works that proceeded them.

This is true for the visual, kinetic, and musical arts as well as the advancement of human emotions. If you want to be happy, identify everything and everyone that makes you happy, observe and study them, and integrate the essence of what you've learned into your life. Think of what others have done as your own personal GPS guides. And like GPS, this only works when you "turn it on." Seek what makes you happy, make note of what you have seen and learned, then integrate the essence of this activity and behavior into your life. If, for example, someone you like smiles a lot, well, then, do the same. The smile will be on your face, not on his or hers, making it uniquely your copyright infringement involved!


Austin Kleon: Find his books on They include "Steal Like an Artist" and "Show Your Work," both of which I highly recommend, long with a new title coming out later in 2021.

by Sketch-Views with Karen Little


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