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Clear, bright colors trigger happiness, by Karen Little

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A study, conducted by researchers from the University of Granada in Spain, found that clear bright colors often elicit positive emotions in people.

The study also found that people associate clear bright colors with optimism, energy, and creativity. I assume that this is because clear bright colors are often used to color the environments of upbeat, happy entertainment, like circuses and dances.

Clear colors are especially good at lifting our spirits and making us feel happy. So if you're looking for a quick pick-me-up, surround yourself with some cheerful hues, like the illustration on this page.

There are many explanations for why clear bright colors might trigger happiness. One theory is that these colors are associated with positive experiences from our past, such as a sunny day at the beach. When we see these colors, we automatically think of happy times.

Another explanation is that clear colors are simply pleasing to look at and they make us feel happy because of their appeal.

We are bombarded with messages telling us to ‘liven up’ our wardrobe, or to add a ‘pop of color’ to our home décor. There is absolutely no doubt that bright colors can have a positive impact on our mood, but should we completely redecorate to lift our mood, especially if our budget is limited?

To meet this need, think small, rather than large:

1) Wear small, budget-friendly, but colorful clothes like scarves and jewelry.

2) Decorate your home with small, highly-colored items including prints, statues, pottery, and even flowers.

3) Eat colorful food. Who doesn't love red-orange-and-yellow mini-peppers? Not only is eating a rainbow of fruit and vegetables good for our health, but just looking at it can boost our mood.

Remember: The phrase "brighten your life" refers to color and not light bulbs. When you do turn on your lights, make sure that there is something cheerful to look at!


How Colors Affect the Brain and Learning, published on Smart Kids Development Center

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Written by Karen Little of Sketch-Views

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