Voice-Over Services

New customers who sign up for our voice-over service do so at an introductory rate of $20 for a 500 word narration. For a sample of how a short narration can be presented, click the video above.

We treat all customers the same, however, "budget" deals are available when our customers provide us with well-prepared scripts. Efficiency is rewarded by very reasonable pricing!


Do you need help in developing your voice-over or narration? All work is done by quote, with a sample at the beginning so you can set the tone and price. No surprises!

Ultimately, customers receive MP3's that match the quality of the samples provided on this page. For more information, contact us directly at Help@Sketch-Views.com or sign up for our introductory offer of $20 for a 500 word narration.

Need an audio book to complement your book or ebook like presented below? To hear how it might sound, listen to Chapter 1 of The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. Our readers are Bob Smith (Part A) and Angie Wellington (Part B) for Sketch-Views. 

The Jungle, Ch 1, part A
00:00 / 32:33
The Jungle, Ch 1, part B
00:00 / 08:49