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The hardest thing to do is to do it for the first time! by Karen Little

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A lot of things are hard to do, but among the hardest to do is doing anything for the first time.

The first attempt always raises such questions as will we succeed? Will this be easy? Will I be able to do it again? Will I be liked for doing it. Will it ever get easier? Will it be dangerous? Is it worth the risk? And, is it worth the effort?

This summer I went for a two month cruise along the Hudson River and Lake Champlain in the USA. Although my husband and I planned the trip for over a year prior, setting off on this cruise set me to thinking such thoughts as did my husband did a good job renovating our second-hand boat? Whether the people at new marinas be friendly? Whether the marinas we were about to stay at be safe? Who do we call if we get in trouble? What if we can't get through to help? And, would the Internet work wherever we go?

We believed that our new adventure would be fun, but didn't know how that fun would be experienced until we left the dock and cruised away.

Whether attempting a big or small physical or mental skill, reluctance is almost always present, causing momentary panic. Recognize it or not, the best way to relieve that panic is to simply push yourself and do the new thing. The minute that thing is done, many of your questions will be answered and, no matter what the result, the new thing becomes old and is no longer a scary mystery.


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Written by Karen Little of Sketch-Views

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