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How medicine's side effects can dampen well being, by Karen Little

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Read or listen to this article about how some medicine's side effects can dampen the feeling of well being!

Sad things do happen! Fortunately, when dealing with stressful issues over time, sadness can be overcome.

Unfortunately, the side-effect of some medicines we take to make us well can introduce feelings of sadness. This sadness can't be lifted however, because the medicine changes our physical being.

Side effects of medically prescribed drugs tend to be minimized by the medical profession, with patients who suffer from them being treated as statistics, not victims. Worse, many patients themselves do not connect drug side effects with bad feelings and stress because they think that their new problems are due to aging or by a psychosis based on a childhood trauma.

Here are some typically ignored problems:

Joint pain (oh, it's just arthritis), slowness (yeah, I'm starting to shuffle, but I'm just out of shape), muscle pain (I gotta start stretching), slightly slurred speech (I'm just not getting enough sleep), bloating (I need to eat more fiber), depression (things have been tough lately), difficulty concentrating (I need more sleep), general malaise (my spirits will rise when I get well)

According to one study, over 50% of adults who experience negative drug side effects don't report them (like many doctors, these patients don't believe the side effects are real). When people do report issues, healthcare providers can be dismissive, saying that even with side effects (which they say the patient will get used to), the drugs they prescribe may do more good than harm.

Most people go to a doctor not to get sicker. Unfortunately, some side effects produce sicknesses that many would go to a doctor to have cured! This is especially true of muscle and joint impairment, confusion, and deep malaise.

Do not assume that all drugs heal, although some do. Antibiotics, for example, are designed to cure infections. Other drugs are prescribed to magically replace a healthy lifestyle without requiring a patient to actually live a healthy lifestyle. Some of those drugs produce the worst side effects.

Doctors gage a patient's response to various drugs with blood and tissue tests against average populations. If the patient's statistical numbers aren't average, drugs are prescribed and strengthened until those averages are met, all the while side effects can get worse.

Here is a DIY Solution

Fortunately, if you are determined to improve your physical health through lifestyle changes, you can measure the success of those changes by using the same tests your doctors run against their own drug therapies.

Lipid panels, for example, measure the amount of cholesterol and other fats in your blood. Yes, doctors can order lipid panels, but did you know you can do it yourself? Your results are displayed next to population averages so you can determine how your lifestyle has improved or worsened without extra analysis.

Companies like PersonalLabs that are available on the web provide hundreds of reasonably priced tests you can use. Here's a small sample of over 300 tests available:

  • Lipid panels

  • Blood counts, also called "CBCs," are used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia.

  • Hormone

  • Kidney

  • Vitamin and nutrition issues

  • Sexually transmitted disease, also called "STDs"

  • Heart health

  • Diabetes

  • Digestive disorders

To address possible contraindications, which are also called "side effects," write down the issues you face, along with the drugs you are taking, and share them with a healthcare provider.

Let's assume you need a second opinion or advice on how lifestyle changes might improve your conditions. Competitively-priced online telehealth healthcare providers are just a click away. Discounts on telehealth services are even available through companies like GoodRX Gold through their "additional benefits" list.

Positive attitudes do not overcome drug side effects

Having a positive attitude will not overcome issues caused by drugs. A positive attitude is always helpful, but it is not magic. Drug induced "side effects" are manifestations that control the brain and physical systems. They need to be addressed because they cannot be willed away as long as the medication is consumed.


Side effects hidden by lack of report

Side effects that affect moods


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Written by Karen Little of Sketch-Views

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