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Love Invisible Friends, by Karen Little

According to the Bible, in the beginning "there was the word." And why a "word?" It is through words and expression that things are identified, coordinated, and used to get things done.

Speaking to our human friends is important, of course, but quite possibly, speaking to our invisible friends is even more.

Invisible friends include pets, toys, objects such as found in nature, and even yourself, to name only a few types of invisible audiences.

Expressing yourself in words, no matter what audience, helps you organize and clarify thought and make decisions.

Perhaps you think silently "thinking" is an important part of expression, and while it is necessary, forming meaning with your thinking through actually making words that have sound is what gives you the edge.

Writing where you form words and singing are two forms of verbal communications that can help direct your thoughts whether or not anyone is around to give you feedback. Chattering with your pets, where you often do get feedback, or with pictures of loved ones, is also extremely helpful.

Love your invisible friends. They always listen and certainly help you make it through your day! Make sure you treat them kindly!


For more information, you can ask Google questions framed something like "value of talking to . . ." yourself, pets, toys, and nature.

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