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After retiring at 70, then overcoming breast cancer, Karen Little launched her second career as a pet illustrator (specializing in dogs) and a happiness blogger.

Her interest in becoming very happy started around 2008 when she began adult kick scooting. That hobby led to developing the popular website (and now Facebook Group) entitled "Let's Kick Scoot" which still attracts people around the world to the sport. Unfortunately, her original site no longer exists, but you definitely can catch up on kick scooting adventures in the Facebook Group led by Shy Adefuin and Jeffry-the-Barrick.

Professionally, Karen was a technical writer, training program developer, and illustrator. Her proudest achievement, beginning in the 1980s, was the creation of the non-profit school, "Office Technology Academy," where she taught low income people how to use computers and win jobs.


At that time, few people knew about computers, let alone "word processing." In addition to technical training, material Karen designed to help lift student moral reflected topics similar to what you can read today in her Happiness Blog.

From that period forward, Karen wrote for university professors, Fortune 500 businesses, and emerging web-related companies, focusing on technical manuals, training modules, and software.

Karen's most public work, entitled "Security, ID Systems, and Locks, the book on electronic access control," co-written by Joel Konicek and published in 1997, introduced computer-controlled access systems to the greater business community. It remained in print as technically useful for over 20 years!


Note that Karen was one of the first female leaders involved in the use of personal computers (PCs), introducing them through training programs and organizations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she also co-started Words Unlimited, a word processing service. 


During that period, she was a forum leader on the famous, world-wide bulletin board service (BBC) ExecPC, which later became the model for apps like Facebook. In the early 1990s, she wrote the documentation for PKzip, (now distributed as "Zip files"), software used for shrinking and grouping computer files shared on the Internet.

Today, Karen spends her time painting traditional and graphic dog illustrations. Starting in late 2021, she began writing short stories about her subjects.


In her free time, she is the First Mate on the family boat, the Tarnhelm, a Carver 350 Aft-Cabin Yacht, built in 1992.

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