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We are lucky! by Karen Little

Good Luck Golden Coin by Karen Little of Sketch-Views

Read or listen to this article about being lucky!

We are all lucky when things go our way. To keep up the trend, say "I am lucky" every time you feel happy, pleased, or notice wonderful things.

The Chinese are well known for naming their businesses by referencing good luck. The Chinese as well as other cultures display good luck symbols, like the gold coin seen here, in reference to what they believe will come their way.

So, why should you say "I am lucky" every time you notice something pleasing in your life?

Well, the more we focus and acknowledge a process of some type, the more expert we become in that process. Familiarity, in fact, breeds greater familiarity.

By daily acknowledging all the luck that comes your way, you set yourself up for repeating those things by calling them to mind.

Luck always favors the lucky. Conversely, luck is usually absent from people who do not take the time to notice the good things that happen to them.

Luck is process, not magic. Luck follows the path of least resistance by playing the odds of success. It unfolds in small increments that are repeatedly successful that when taken together, eventually lead to large gains.


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Written by Karen Little of Sketch-Views

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