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The Soft Touch, by Karen Little

Can you buy happiness? Why yes, you can when you have access to lots of very soft things.

Cuddling up to soft stuff, whether human, animal, or fabric, makes us feel better and there is science behind that statement.

Most of us will reach out to pet a furry animal without a prior thought as to why. Yes, the animal might be cute, but the real draw to petting is soft fur.

Many of us also instinctively want to run our fingers through a person's thick hair the moment we see it. A hairy male chest used to be a sign of virility, but sadly for our sense of touch, the trend today is to shave it off.

Tactile sensations can actually relax people who are in a negative mind frame. Cuddling with furry, soft pillows (and kids' stuffed toys) often provide as much comfort as snuggling up to a loved human or pet. While inanimate objects don't return love, they feel loving, warm, and possibly even emotionally nourishing.

With artificial fur easily manufactured today, you can find objects covered with it at very reasonable prices. Coats, for example, can be made out of the lightest, fluffiest fur that is far more comfortable than coats made out of the real thing, which might be soft, but are more often just hot and heavy.

For reasonably priced soft products, visit a Walmart kids' department during holiday buying seasons and consider investing in huge, furry, pillow-soft toys which are, in reality, pillows. Year around, IKEA sells plush toys in a variety of sizes at rock-bottom prices.

The 20" Winsterch Stuffed Cat seen here would make a wonderful addition to any couch or bed! His expression and shape is humorous and the amount of plush he features, comfortable.

If you feel uncomfortable having plush animals around the house, invest in "large plush pillows" covered in the softest-of-soft fur. And if you want to wrap yourself in softness, large faux fur blankets will do the trick.

The Chanasya shop on Amazon (home of the picture here) absolutely captures how plush fabrics can alter the mood of a home. That shop, in fact, brags that it is home to the world's softest blankets.

A seasonal mood light might brighten your attitude, but something furry might more quickly make you very, very happy.


The following are examples of soft products.

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