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Scratch Off the Blues! by Karen Little

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Would you believe that feeling comfortable in your own skin can make you feel happy? Slathering on lotions and creams might briefly lift your spirits, but scratching your skin can have a long-time effect.

There is a lot written about the value of skin brushing, as well as articles discussing skin stimulation.

Rather than search for a scientific reason, do your own research right now by rubbing your skin with a somewhat rough item. It can be:

  • A dry, rough wash cloth

  • A dry defoliating cloth or mitt (Korean wash cloths used in spas are the best for this sort of thing)

  • A natural-bristle brush designed for skin brushing

  • Wooly material

  • And possibly best, your fingernails!

Now, without trying to scratch or defoliate your skin, simply rub large areas of it with a slightly rough item, then sit back and feel the glow.

Try it right now! If your arms are exposed, rub your fingernails (or a rough cloth) lightly over their surfaces, and when done, note how they feel!

Do you have sore shoulders, knees, tail bone, or feet? By all means, give them this treatment. Do your legs twitch when you are trying to sleep, then brush them and surprise yourself by how relaxed and sleepy you'll feel.


Most articles recommend brushes. Read them, but keep in mind that your fingernails or rough wash cloth will produce the same affect.

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