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Finding fun online by Karen Little

Happy Husky by Karen Little

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Physical exercise only works if you do it regularly, and the same goes for happiness.

To be happy, you need to practice happiness by having fun, and to practice "fun" regularly, you need to know where to find it.

Unfortunately, like with experiencing all pleasures, the longer you spend with a particularly upbeat, happy experience, the more it becomes boring with repetition. The idea, then, is to keep fun coming and make sure it is surprising and fresh.

(See my article, "Ecstasy: How to Keep Glowing" related to this subject.)

I view TikTok daily for many, quick laughs, plus Facebook Videos on selected as well as highly unusual topics. The site (and its offshoots) FunnyOrDie will always have something worth giggling at. And if you are at a loss as to what to view, simply Google the phrase, "short funny YouTube videos" for a curated list. While I don't have a SnapChat account, it offers lots of possibilities for fun, especially with friends.

Fun can also be had by creating short-form videos for other people to see. While videos can be done on standard-sized computers, the majority of "on the fly" creation is done through cell-phone and tablet apps. If you'd rather "do" than "view," there are more than enough apps to try, no matter what your operating system is.


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Written by Karen Little of Sketch-Views


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