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Can happiness be found?

Happiness can be found, but only if you look for it.

We generally find what we look for, and we reveal what we look for in our speech (including "thinking") and entertainment habits (reading, viewing, and listening).

The longer our attention is spent on a subject, the more likely that aspects of that subject become real to us.

Unfortunately, most of us are guided by the requests others make of us. In trying to satisfy them, we forget that we need to also make requests of ourselves and spend time contemplating them. Tip: To find happiness, write a daily list of the things that make you happy. Instead of using a computer to copy the list from one day to the next, always write a fresh one. In so doing, you'll be surprised at what pops into your mind that ultimately will be found!

To kickstart the process, listen to the following 7-minute aspirational statements which are all about how wonderful, resourceful, and loving you are (including things you might have forgotten). I think you'll enjoy them!

by Sketch-Views with Karen Little


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