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Color me happy! by Karen Little

Rainbow design by Karen Little for

Click HERE to listen to this article. Surround yourself with the colors that make you happy. Color theory and color therapies definitely weigh in with suggestions as to what colors trigger moods.

Unfortunately, when discussing pure color, your choices are limited to only six options, plus black and white. Does this mean when you're trying to fine-tune your mood through color, you only have limited options?

No matter what color theory experts suggest, the colors that are most likely to trigger your happiness are the ones you like, not the ones scientific research say you should.

Fortunately, today you don't have to visit a hardware store to study paint chips in order to identify the colors you adore. The Internet provides numerous apps through which you can select colors and adjust color pallets (or "color ranges") to satisfy your visual expectation of pure pleasure.

My favorite color pallet generator is, although there are many you can explore.

The Pallet Generator lets you select contrasting solid colors as well as color ranges (called "gradients"). Most people are instantly drawn to various combinations, and once you are, play around with your color choices to determine what you love as your dominant and secondary colors.

You might also want to decorate around a beloved photo, but are unsure as to how to set it off. Well, the Image Picker provides a way for you to upload your picture, then it shows you the predominant colors in the composition.

Use color suggestions to help you make inspired choices for your work area, living quarters, clothing, accessories, and far more. Small, colorful things, when chosen in harmony with your visual tastes, can make even the tightest spaces, or the most modest wardrobe, more inviting.


  • Free, feature-rich color pallet generator.

  • Adobe Color: This pallet generator features color-theory charts, among many things.

  • Color Designer: Easily creates color pallets, but not as easy as

Listen to this article:

by Sketch-Views with Karen Little


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