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Listen to the 250 word sample above to learn more about our voice-over service.

All our announcers, all of whom are computer generated, speak clearly, accurately, and with feeling. Their resulting MP3 audio files can be immediately placed into ads, instructional materials, videos, podcasts and/or in any place that requires spoken material.


Click HERE for an almost-free trial for your own 250 word voice-over. Use the resulting MP3 files from your almost free trial as you please.


Our services are perfect for small-scale productions, such as for online ads, tutorials, and even podcast readings. Simply give us a clear script, which we might slight edit, and we can turn your project around quickly at the lowest possible cost.

Need script writing and other services? We do that, too! 


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To read the transcript of our sample voice-over and learn more about our fees and policies, click HERE.