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Thanks for your order!

Thank you for signing up for our "almost free" voice-over trial service.

To prepare your voice-over, we will need:

  • Understanding: The purpose of your script and whether you want a male or female announcer.  If you also have a sample of your production, we'd like to see it!

Sketch-Views cartoon spokeswoman
  • Your Script: We will review your script for grammar. If we make changes, we'll send them to you for your approval.

  • Delivery Need: Decide how you want your audio files prepared, such as sentence-by-sentence, paragraph-by-paragraph, or some other arrangement. Chunking your audio files makes it easier for you to piece into your production. At your request, we can also combine all audio into a single file, "podcast style."


You have the option of selecting an announcer from the auditions HERE, or we can select up to three different announces to give you a choice.

The rest we can discuss during our contact.


If you need additional services beyond your almost-free trial, our voice-over rate is $50 an hour, with a half-hour minimum. The charges for a well-organized script come to 10-cents a word, with a 250 to 300 word script costing $25.

If a script needs extensive editing and re-writing, our minimum fee is $50, with complete jobs billed in 4 hour increments.

Questions? ask

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