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About Our Service
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Thank you for your interest in Sketch Views narration and voice-over services. 


We specialize in providing narrations and voice-overs for videos, blogs, podcasts, and even books in 100% standard American English. Background music can be added upon request.


All narrations are generated through AI (artificial intelligence). To hear samples of our work, click HERE or listen to the recording on the top of this page.


We will suggest the best personality or personalities for your job for your approval. Our most popular announcers are Bob Smith and Angie Wellington.


Consultation is dependent on you being a Sketch-Views client. With a relationship, we can help you develop scripts for blogs, pod casts, videos, and more.


We recommend publishing all audio as WAV files for the clearest sound. We will, however, create files in the format you request.

After becoming a client, services are billed at:

  • One-time introductory offer, 500 words - $20

  • Up to 1000 words - $100

  • Up to 30,000 words - $400

  • Up to 60,000 words - $650

  • Larger job? Just ask

Contact Help@Sketch-Views.com for more information about our consultation and voice-over services.

Right of Refusal

Racist, sexist, sexual, blatant lies designed to fool the public, and culturally insensitive material is not accepted. 

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