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Sketch-Views "Voice-Over Services" are contracted through our Hotdog Publishing division. All websites used in supplying these services are owned by Littleviews, a Weehawken, New Jersey USA company..

Voices are computer-generated through equipment owned by Littleviews. No life was harmed in getting them to speak!

Listen to sample speaker auditions on our Voice-Over Services Page. Additional samples are available at the request of our customers as needed for their job.


An introductory fee of $10 is for our "Almost Free Voice-Over Service" for new customers. It covers up to a 250 word script that requires minimal editing. 

Our minimum fee is $30 for an hour, including light script editing.

Full service voice-over generation is billed at $25 an hour in 4-hour blocks ($100 per period). At onset, customers receive an estimate. When agreement is reached, the fee is guaranteed.

Voice-overs are delivered as MP3 files in any mixture of sentence-by-sentence, paragraph-by-paragraph, or other combination thereof. While we can deliver the voice-over in a single file, customers find separate files to be the most convenient. 

Personal support is provided through Zoom, phone, and email for the most comprehensive experience possible. Numbered files correspond to script portions for ease of handling. All are delivered by Google Drive or the customer's online file transfer app.

Click on our "Almost Free Voice-Over" introductory offer or "Voice-Over Services" page for more sample speaker auditions. To arrange a job, contact "Voices@Sketch-Views.com" 

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