Start a sneaker customizing business

Updated: 3 days ago

Illustration for an article about Dillon DeJesus and his sneaker customizing business
Illustration of How to Start a Customizing Sneaker Business by Karen Little of Sketch-Views

Creating and promoting your own product provides much better margins than using Print on Demand (POD) or other "we'll do it for you" services. Sketch-Views found the best advice on how to start a crafts-based business in a video called "4 EASY Steps to START Your Sneaker Customizing Journey!" by Dillon DeJesus.

Steps he highlights include "how to practice your skills," "how to organize marketing topics," and "how to pre-plan posts." This information is useful for any crafts-based business.

It takes more than artistic and design talent to make a go of an online business. Follow DeJesus' YouTube channel for ideas you can apply to your own endeavors. Sketch-Views with Karen Little

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