Reselling new IKEA products

Updated: 3 days ago

Ikea products for arbitrage illustration by Karen Little of Sketch-Views

Looking for products to sell? Try IKEA. Re-selling IKEA items on Amazon is amazingly popular. Don't believe me? Search for "IKEA" on Amazon and see what you turn up.

The easiest items to re-sell are small, with items available in the Baby and Kids department smartly designed and appropriate for adult uses. Look for lighting products under $20, and even better, those around $10.

Also pay attention to IKEA's plant pots (search for the word "pots") which you can re-decorate using your own designs or commercial stencils.

Not only can you resell these pots on Amazon, if what you create is unique enough, you can also sell them to local florists and garden shops!

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