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How to make learning easy on yourself, by Karen Little

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It seems like we should be able to learn any subject, craft, or activity very quickly because the Internet makes it easy to acquire information about those things.

Free tutorials abound on the web, with instructional material being the most popular on YouTube.

And formal instruction for all age groups, like what's offered by the Khan Academy, is readily available, with many colleges sharing free, no-credit courses based on their more formal, fee-based curriculums.

If our local library is short on books in our interest area, providing the ability to find books, articles, and related publications online was why the web was developed. Quite obviously, online book sellers are also strong resources that can step in to fulfill our needs.

If we need information written in another language, do we have to study that language? No! Apps like "Google Translate" can translate this material for us "on the fly."

Do we want to learn how to play an instrument or improve our singing? Simply ask a search engine by using phrasing that starts with the words "how to play," or "how to sing," for plenty of resources.

Can we even learn how to dance via the web? If TikTok is any indication, yes we can, especially when we respond to TikTok's challenges.

Even with poor eyesight, Text-to-Voice apps can read written material out loud. Listening to material generated by Text-to-Voice is also an efficient way to learn while doing something else, such as driving or when going for a nice walk.

But with all the help the Internet provides, reading, watching, and listening are mostly passive activities.

To "quickly" learn something, we must actually do what we've read, watched, and heard! That practice is made easier, of course, when we seek out and use supportive information, and fortunately, we have plenty of resources available!


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Written by Karen Little of Sketch-Views

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