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Online Selling
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Job markets are changing rapidly and the most apparent change is that job opportunities in shopping centers and retail stores are shrinking, while opportunities in online selling are expanding.


Since 2019, I've had a Shopify store and now have a Samcart "online selling" account to replace it.

Shopify is a great online service that lets you set up your own "Amazon-like" business. The problem is, however, that in order to be successful, you have to regularly sell lots of products. Yes, you might be able to achieve this, but it takes time to develop.

Samcart, however, is designed to let you focus on individual items without having to build a store or even infrastructure. It gets right down to business.

Rather than have me tell you about it, click on the Samcart Demo button and see for yourself.

You might also like to see some of Samcart's training videos that are on its YouTube channel and especially its "One Page Wednesday" selling and advertising tips.

Why do I love this service? You can have "unlimited" domains in which you can create "one page websites." Each site lets you focus on a specific objective which thereby leverages your chances for success!

If you decide to try the 15 Day Free Trial, I'll personally acquaint you with operational details and page design during that period. For more information, contact me (Karen Little) at


If you need design help after your trial period, my fee is $100. 

NOTE: I am an affiliate Samcart seller. When you sign up, I get a small commission. Whether or not you commit, however, I will give you a free 15-day tour during your trial period.