Sketch-Views with Karen Little creates products and services that can be sold online or on land!

As a creator, Karen specializes in pet portraits (watercolor and digital) as well as cute gifts that include physical and digital products. Her specialty combines printables (also known as coloring pages) with coordinated mugs.

Sketch-Views Small Business Services provides consulting to people seeking to start (or have started) eCommerce businesses and online stores, such as on Shopify, Wix, and Etsy. Services include assisting people in finding their niche, finding products to sell, evaluating profit potentials, and helping organize information for online stores, websites, and blogs.


Karen also works with other designers and creators by providing budget-priced voice-over and narrator services for use in videos, podcasts, and audio books.


Sketch-Views' BLOG addresses issues related to online business development for startups, artists, and craftspeople.