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Vacation! Between June and the end of September, I'll be cruising the Hudson River in our boat, the Tarnhelm. Read about it on Facebook in my personal area. As of July, we have established a good Internet connection, so I'll begin to post here again after a two month delay.

Being happy influences Karen Little's style as an illustrator. Based on what she knows of life, she writes the weekly Happiness Blog. Yes, happiness can be practiced and Karen's blog will show you how.


Sketch-Views, as Dog Illustration Headquarters, licenses illustrations for printing on various products, such mugs, t-shirts, and cell phone cases. All drawings, illustrations, and designs are done by Karen Little of, our parent company. View the designs currently in production on our Showcase page, which features dog and pet illustrations, and our Design Showcase for a variety of illustrations, along with links as to where they can be purchased. 

New for 2022 is There you'll find our famous "Dogs' Blog" lead by its moderator, Peanut, who happens to be a Doxie. The stories you find there are by the dogs themselves. Every month or so, you'll find Peanut the Doxie moderating those stories in a video, to the delight of kids and dog-loving adults everywhere.

Our Little Pet Portraits section has a galley of Karen Little's latest portraits, pictures of some upcoming subjects, and the means to commission us to create a portrait of your pet. 

Karen Little also has two online shops.

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